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We are the vegetarian/vegan social group at the Univesrity of Western Ontario! Join us for cooking demos, discussions and our awesome potlucks. For more info, email us at purpleveggies@hotmail.com. Please note that the events listed are subject to change; not all information is available on this webpage. You can become a member for $5 in order to receive up-to-date newsletters and a discount card for restaurants around London, ON.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here is our club Constitution for anyone interested.
It's in the comment on this entry, so that it wouldn't take up a huge amount of space on the main page.



At Tue Oct 03, 09:16:00 PM, Blogger Purple Veggies said...

University of Western Ontario
Constitution – Purple Veggies

As Declared on Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Article 1 – Name

The club’s official name will be “Purple Veggies”. No other name will be used in the advertisement or representation of the club.

Article 2 – Club Mandate

1) To provide a community within the University of Western Ontario for students interested in vegetarianism and veganism through social activities.

2) To provide information on vegetarian/vegan lifestyle to students – regardless of his or her personal diet – who seeks this information.

This information may include:

a. Nutritional information (i.e. general health, proper use of foods and supplements, cooking guides, eating sufficiently and properly for both people who have or do not have an active lifestyle, etc.)
b. Information on vegan lifestyles (i.e. shops, companies or online websites which do not use animals for testing or production in their wares, how to effectively communicate with others about vegetarianism/veganism, how to deal with an awkward situation at the dinner table, etc.)
c. Spiritual and ethical information (i.e. ethics of being or becoming a vegetarian/vegan, environmental reasons to support a movement away from a typical meat-based Western diet, why we should feed out pets in an ethical manner, etc.)
d. We encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle to all through the use of free information

3) To provide a social network between the London community base and the students of Western Ontario. We do this by taking them out to restaurants, stores with animal-friendly wares or teach them how they can seek help from a professional nutritionist, etc.

4) We promote ethical treatment and encourage activities which share this idea (i.e. pamphletting, visiting animal sanctuaries, etc.)

Article 3 – Membership

1) Membership will be open to everyone

2) Only students at the University of Western Ontario are eligible to hold voting privileges and executive positions.

3) Any elected executive officers must personify Purple Veggies beliefs and standards as well as a clear understanding of vegetarian/vegan issues.

4) Associate non-voting members will be allowed.

5) An annual membership fee set by the Executive Committee

6) All members are equally representative of Purple Veggies.

Article 4 – Executive

1) The executive committee shall consist of the following:
a. President
b. Vice-president
c. VP Events
d. VP Finance
e. First Year Representative

Article 5 – Responsibilities of the Executive

1) The President will:
a. Oversee the other members of the executive in fulfilling their responsibilities
b. Chair all Executive Committee and members meetings.
c. Will act as liaison with presidents of other organizations regarding formal inquiries.
d. Have signing authority for the club.
e. Will have voting privileges for all executive motions.

2) The Vice-president will:
a. Assist the President in his/her duties
b. Assume all powers of the President in his/her absence
c. Will have signing authority of club.
d. Will have voting privileges for all executive motions.

3) The VP Events will:
a. Assist President in planning of club events.
b. Assist President in any fundraising activities.
c. Be responsible for contacting members regarding events, through the use of club the email account.
d. Will have signing authority of club.
e. Will have voting privileges for all executive motions.

4) The VP Finance will:
a. Be responsible for overseeing all financial dealings of the club
b. Keep complete records of all financial dealings of the club
c. Assist President in any fundraising activities.
d. Will have signing authority for the club.
e. Will have voting privileges for all executive motions.
5) The First Year Representative will:
a. Will represent opinions of first year students.
b. Will be responsible for holding one first year event.
c. Will have voting privileges for all executive motions
d. Will be prepared to hold an executive position in future years if elected
e. Be responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings

Article 6 – Finances

1) The executive will set a membership fee annually.

Article 7 – Meetings

1) At least three general meetings shall be held during the school year, including the Annual General Meeting

2) Members will be informed of each of these meetings at least seven (7) days in advance.

Article 8 – Elections

1) All election procedures will abide by the USC Clubs Policy.

Article 9 – Amendments

1) Amendments to the constitution must win a two-thirds majority vote of the present members

2) An amendment to the constitution must be approved by the USC Clubs Policy Committee, which must be presented with a typed copy of the proposed amendment as well as typed minutes from the meeting when the amendment was passed in order to prove that this amendment was adopted.

Article 10 – Impeachment

1) Any member of the club who commits an act negatively affecting the interests of the club and its members may be given notice of impeachment
2) The impeached individual shall have the right to defend his/her actions
3) A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present will result in the removal of the impeached individual from the club and the loss of any privileges associated with the club.

Article 11 – Refund Policy
1) Initiating a refund policy for club members which is to include the following format and minimum standard:
a. A member may apply to his/her club for a refund within one (1) month of becoming a member of the club, or within one (1) week of the club’s first official event if:
i. There has been a misinterpretation of the club’s mandate and proposed activities as specified to the member when signing onto the club.
b. A member may only apply to his/her club for a refund after one (1) month of signing up for membership for the club, or after one (1) week of the club’s first official event for extenuating circumstances
a. Extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to: Serious organizational issues with the club executive that led to a complete lack of communication to its members, or lack of programming as promoted to its members; and, any circumstances that seriously hampers the ability for the club member to enjoy its membership to the club.
b. Where a club and its members cannot resolve the refund issue, a club or the member may request assistance from the Clubs Coordinator who will act as a mediator between the Club and the member to reach a resolution.

Article 12 – Agency Clause

1) The Purple Veggies Club is not an agent of the University Students’ Council and its views and actions do not represent those of the University Students’ Council.


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